Familiar buffs will be changed based on MapleStory tier

This addition is not something that would kill me if i didnt see it added into the game with the rest of my idea, but i think it would balance out familiar buffs. This idea probably wont be popular to most, but hear me out:

Familiar buffs will be changed based on tier. Higher tier familiars have an increase buff while lower tiers will have weaker buffs. For example, drop rate buffs will be increased by 20% per tier. This means that the beloved Big Spiders buff to drop rate will be cut in half (down to 40%), since it is uncommon. However, a familiar like Castellan will be increased to 100% since it is Omega (shares the buff effects of Legendary). People will not like this because this will destroy the easily accessable drop rate buff the Big Spider gives. But if you ask me, an 80% drop rate buff shoulnt be so easily accessable to begin with. I want to encourage players to go for rarer, stronger familiars. It may be upsetting to no longer be able to get a godly drop effect effortlessly, but as i stated, it would be more fair if such an effect was harder to get and came on a stronger familiar.

This is my idea summed up (the minor details are not to important). I feel like this, or something along these lines will really make familiars a more interactive and useful addition to the game. Currently only a select few familiars are ever used, and barely any do even slightly decent attack (especially in reboot). Thank you for reading!

To make things even more interesting i was thinking that a familiars skill should be randomized, with higher tier fams getting higher tier skills at random. That way a familiar that might not have been very good can turn out to be great. This would also create more diversity in what familiars are being used.

but i think a randomized potential-like system would be beneficial. Bad familiars could end up with good, useful abilities. Though the same logic can be applied backwards, id rather think about the positive effects it could have. Naturally people would want higher tier familiars, which are much more likely to have higher tier skills. The randomized skills would diversify use so that everyone isnt using the exact same thing (arachnaphobia anyone?).

Keep in mind this dosnt randomize their buff. Big Spider still gives 80% drop, Eye Of Time still gives x2 Maplestory Mesos, so on and so forth. Just their skills would be random.
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Cash shop makes things much quicker and less frustrating

I just don't like how they overcharge us and give Buy Blade And Soul Gold us these restrictions. That xp bonus is not gonna do anything with the poor drop rate on nearly all the items that are meant to be used... If i waste my day farming the same exact mob (which gives no xp) for many hours despite my premium bonus than im just wasting my time and money, not to mention the bundle of maintenance we had. Basically i dont feel like im getting my moneys worth.

I'm just stating what i think is wrong with the game. Only ONE 800 NCoin costume which is basically copy and paste from the free version just a different color. So 11 dollars doesnt get me anything really. And if i do take it upon myself to spend the kind of money they want from me i then can't delete that character or it would be like taking my money and setting it on fire, then sleeping on my free time stimulate the amount of time wasted.

If they just added Blade And Soul Gold the ability to use wardrobes between characters than i won't complain and would fully support BnS but at the moment i can't. And it sucks really bad that i wasnt fully aware of all of this (my fault). It would be far more appealing to spend money on something that i know i will keep on my account.

I mean they are gonna keep on releasing costumes right? So there is no need to put these bad limitations on money spend costumes. Or are is the hongmoon store going to be very limited in the content it can pump out? Good luck having a successful transaction store like dota with such horrid rules.

I spent thousands of dollars on dota (because i actually keep my items which i bought, i can trade them away whenever i feel like it). Dota was made in mind to really be f2p. They made it fun as heck for the sake of f2p and the micotransactions were taken into consideration with all of the games features like BnS.

Want to evolve your weapon? Well cash shop is involved

Want to craft? Cash shop makes things much quicker and less frustrating

Cool clothing? Nope only low quality poor drop rate ones exist because cash shop.

Want items for upgrade? Well good luck you either buy it from shop, spend a lot of your money fighting party members over it, or buy from the Blade And Soul gold sellers who spam 24/7 of every freaking second.

I can keep on going but im gonna stop here. My point is the game is eventually gonna start showing its true colors to players when they come across crap like this. I hope they didn't spend those many years figuring out how to restrict nearly every aspect of the game for profit. Good luck to your growing population (of bots).
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Spec your Blade And Soul "Q" skill down the right side of the tree

Spec your "Q" skill down the right side Blade And Soul Gold of the tree. It now taunts all enemies (including bosses) within its AoE, takes 90% less damage ,and is healed every time it is hit.
There is a 4 second cooldown window before you can use it again. CC the enemy in between cooldowns if you must.

Your cat is insanely useful. Study your skills and skill trees.
I don't know if you have the answer to this, but does the cat need gears like my character does? or is it just a thing where when it levels itll gain attack and hp?

Yes you will sometimes take aggro but lower levels I find this helps most times not all

Grasping Roots < Cat will charge auto < Doom and bloom or Flying Nettles < Doom and bloom or Flying Nettles < C cat skill < Sunflower - brumblebees or thorn strike
sometimes you don't even need all that.

All I changed anklebiter to bombs away when doing a boss I hit V the Tab to send cat in then Doom and bloom and follow a rotation there using skills needed for health and focus as needed

I don't know if this will help or even how good it will be at end game but this is what I'm working towards as my build. I did this on my own based on my playstyle I didn't look up someone else's build BUILD LINK

I don't know if you have the answer to this, but does the cat need gears like my character does? or is it just a thing where when it levels itll gain attack and hp?
Your cat gains some stats based on your own stats ( ie weapons, soul shield, rings etc.)
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