Resources are scarce in Albion

Not so much the case when resources are scarce. Toppled with the fact that resources will always be worth more than the crafted items on the market because there's a much higher demand for them. In fact what Mad_Miranda says is more so true, because the casual gatherers or crafters will be bored when they cannot gather materials due to scarcity or craft items because they can't make any money.

What if i told you i am a casual? once in a blue moon i play for 6 hours straight but normally i only log in to look at the AH and care for my albion online silver farming.My point is: There is not a lot to do for a player with only a handful of hours a week, and the only reason i still login is to help my guild with food.SI has a huge challenge in front of them, the idea of a NEW elitist game with player based economy is a really hard one to implement and i wish them luck.

So you don't want to travel and want more LP and want to be equal to players that play longer and you don't want them to keep balancing stuff and then the game is boring after T5. I'm not going to even say it... Devs there you go keep changing for the want it easy crowd and in the end you will get his complaint from many.

Between caring for your farm and some gathering sessions, a real casual player would be already spend a couple of hours of diversified content (not mentioning the time marketplace can suck if you are interested in it), as the game progressed they will launch other activities and expand what can be already done to the new levels. There is definitively a decent time sink for true casual players to start with especially if they are new to Buy Albion Online Silver for the game once it launches. Not just talking about players who already have been playing alphas and betas and know a lot of the game, people who have been backed the game since alpha are not really casuals, even if they play 1 hour a day. The casual players I'm talking about are those who probably have been aware of the game in the last few months or that will even start on release for the first time looking at the app store highlights, and therefore between the time to learn, and the actually time available, they won't be that far into the game even after months, and likely they will never ever reach T8 or truly care to get that far.

I'm not saying SI needs to cater those people specifically with full attention, I mean there should be a place in the world for them and give the opportunity to enjoy the experience, while the more hardcore pvpers will pvp all day. It's a balance that SI needs to work on if they want to expand their playerbase and the imposed mobile limitations in a fruitful way, beyond supporting mobile devices just for the sake of it.
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Albion Online: Onto the Point

1. When you say "any number", what you should actually say is "any available for purchase", because the economy is based on product generated by players. Though this may seem like a minor issue, it has a huge impact on the benefits of this model and whether or not it's "P2W".

2. "Possibly blast through" is fair since it's debatable and depends on what you're doing. I've been leveling a number of stats (particularly armor & weapon skills) without spending any Learning Points and Albion Online Silver because I'm hording them for a rainy day. I haven't felt particularly dwarfed as a result and I'm pretty sure in another couple of dungeons I'll be up to the next tier of gear. The only thing slowing my progress is I've been playing with my friend and brother in lower tier zones and haven't contributed any fame towards my progress, but I'm hoping the devs will lift tier restrictions in that regard. In any case, all you get out of this is faster progression. However, P2W models usually grant additional power instead.

Onto the Point
It's already been established that those buying gold and selling it are making a resource out of themselves for other players to capitalize on, so I'm going to skip that and focus more on the "Win" part of the "Pay to Win" concept. As far as I understand it, equipment doesn't equate to winning, especially since any gear that you purchase came from players who already have access to that gear. And the gear must be on sale, and it's my understanding that the cream of the crop is kept for the guild in most cases.

So before we can argue whether or not it's a pay to win system, you must prove your claim that it's winning by paying. The best I can see that you gain from premium is faster progress, but nothing about the faster progress ensures any sort of victory since you're still limited to: A) whatever people will sell you, and B) whatever people are already using themselves. Nothing about paying for the game allows you access to more player islands, larger guilds, more character slots, or any number of other perks often seen in these games. At best, it reduces grind.

Benefits of the System
1. All MMOs are pay to win through 3rd parties. People have been selling in-game currencies and real estate for ages. Ultima Online had virtual real-estate and gold that was sold for over $1,300 (there was an article about it in InQuest magazine in '97). However, the AO devs have greatly diminished the appeal of "gold farming" because you can now purchase gold from other players (benefiting everyone) and support the game and development while doing so.

2. It allows F2P players ways of achieving premium status without spending actual currency on it if they're willing to put in the work for it. They also have access to your gear if they defeat you in PvP (such as in a guild skirmish) and take your goodies. These players can also play the albion online gold market without paying, and they can barter for gold as well (for example, there's nothing stopping you from bartering in gold directly, such as offering to be a bodyguard in exchange for gold).

3. It places F2P and P2P players as two hands washing the other. Both need each other in a way that's more readily apparent than in most F2P MMOs. F2P needs Gold. P2P needs services. Everyone needs the game to be supported, and this is without a doubt the best method of financing their game while being unobtrusive that exists in the current MMO market. Like with much of the game, it's economically sound.

So in closing...
You must first establish a clear "winning" that isn't also causing the F2P people to also be "winning" simultaneously. The best argument for that is premium itself, since hypothetically you could just treat your gold as a subscription and never sell off gold, and even premium membership reduces the grind but doesn't provide any long term advantages over anyone. Secondly, if you're serious about this being some sort of problem, you must then provide some sort of solution to the problem that is reasonably fair to everyone involved, because there's no such thing as a free lunch.
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The MapleStory APQ

The Apq has been fixed =) For those of you that don't remember Cheap MapleStory Mesos the Apq was the married party quest located in Amoria. For some reason it was glitched and left that way for years. Anyways, It's been fixed and I'm always looking for people to party with. I play in the Bellocan server, If you want to come just let me know my IGN is Doomnemesys or you can contact Doily. We normally go in after 2x on weekends and 3pm - 7pm pst weekdays. (sorry it varies) on ch. 5 For those new or haven't done this one and years, You start with a married lv 40 plus character. Go to Amos's training ground in Amoria (very last map on the right). Talk to Amos. He'll give you a quest to collect 10 lip lock keys. Go over to the map on the left and kill the pigs and evil eyes and they'll drop the keys. Talk to Amos again. and he'll give you an entrance ticket. (Can be gotten every six hours) So, if you get it at 1pm and apq at 7pm or later you can do a double run. After you go in, you'll be in a waiting room you can change channels in there if need be but don't leave or you will lose that ticket. After the waiting room is Stage One. Wait for the green rings to appear, One of the three will take you to the bottom after pressing up on them.

On the bottom they'll be two rocks with Glimmer man in the middle. Girls go to the rock on the left and Guys on the right. Just press up on the rocks. Go down and kill all the monsters and then the leader can summon a fairy. Kill it and get the hammer. Go up to the mirror and drop the hammer. The leader will collect the mirror shard and complete the stage. Once the stage is completed, click Amos to move on to stage two. On stage two there will be three portals and three ropes up top. Always start on the first rope (500) 5 people on the first no people on the middle and no people on the right. Then the leader will direct you on where you need to be. Once clear, press up on the green ring that will appear on the bottom of the screen. In stage three, four people will stand on the top platforms and one on the bottom. Let the leader count the slimes that will spawn and then the bottom one will move to the right one and repeat. Till the leader has the answer. (Also if you have to go afk for any reason once this stage clears let your party know and stay behind till your back) Trust me don't want to clear the next stage with someone afk. Stage four go kill the mobs collect ten cupid codes and drop them on the platform the leader is on. Then the leader will clear. Stage 5 run to the right and up the hill at the end. Break the gates by using regular attacks. Stage 6 is the boss stage. Kill the boss!!! Leader collects the fang and clears stage. Last Stage is bonus. Break open boxes with regular attacks, Pray for Onyx Apples. Happy Apple Hunting People! to you!
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