Trove: events should be be more accessible

Could we have dde shards event occasionally like freebie friday or what ever friday lel for a 1 day.When u complete it u get 50 dde shards but the event only last 1 day this is very good as it could seriously helped u tons.

Translation: I haven't got all the eggs, but want an event to help me get the rest easier but limited enough so I can still feel superior to those who may not have as free of a schedule.

I'm willing to bet that if you actually had all of the primoridals, you'd be completely against an event. Events should be be more accessible, stuff like super saturday isn't bad because it's just a bonus and you can do everything else regularly. Stuff like dragonite should not be as exclusive because so much power comes from them and to buy trove items. Plus if they made a quest for the day, the servers would be even worse than they already are.

I was trying to say this earlier but I was on phone and I can't reply to anything on it but yeah. Exactly how I feel about this post "I want a Diamond Dragon but I don't want others to get it as well so I feel like I'm superior since not everyone can play for 9 hours a day(I can manage that but still stupid idea).

I think you're missing the point. Super Saturday/Freebie Friday was just a day for grinding with bonus boxes you got for free. Your suggestion would require people to be on for hours and most people don't have that time. It needs to be at least a week, one day is way too short.

But see it wouldn't be more achievable with only one day to earn the shards. They referenced both Super Saturday and Freebie Friday can buy the Trove Flux because they lasted only a day but I mentioned how they were different.

Well. The only way to get a DDE was to open it in an emp gem box with a drop rate super low. Like many (every?) other aspect of the game, it's : "I can still feel superior to those who may not have hundreds of dollars to spend".

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Trove: for ally for Chronomancer solely for the cooldown reduction

Currently at 16.9k pr(still far from perfect gems) i have been trying to balance MH and % with PD crit and crit chance taking priorty with the later stats. I have a little over 2.2 mil hp and if i recall over 80k pd 50+ crit hit and 500 ish crit damage. I use ,sadly, rapt berserk with valorous sure strike and martial. My damage sits at 8 mil on flask use and about 3 mil without the martial boost.

Focus MS/AS on gear and damage with a mix of health on gems (still a tank with taunt). Take Vial of Unleashed Power with Chronomantic and Martial emblems. For ally for Chronomancer solely for the cooldown reduction. Finally, the class gem is required.

Hold M1, Spam M2, and press the ultimate key every 10.4 seconds to heal and flask. Use Spirit Spears to kill yourself for the Trove Flux a lot more damage but less survivability. Just by spamming M1 and M2 you get near SH dps against groups (SH is single target). You also heal 2% for every damage tick that comes from M1 and M2 (against two enemies you heal 10 HP/s).

I like this build but it takes a lot to get going as you need the most expensive flask and a class gem to even just start. You deal AoE damage close to or higher (heh Fae) than single target classes. While most other classes require healing allies or DD for safety you can throw away both and be perfectly fine as they are built into the class.

Glad you enjoy the builds. Both of them take a bit of getting used to but can dish out higher than normal damage compared to Buy Trove Flux with the base builds. If you started with DT and going to Rev you might actually find it easier though you deal less damage. Great self-heal and a built in DD (which you trade in for damage later on) make it an easier build to play with and one I find more enjoyable.

So I've read this post in it's entirety and a few things aren't adding up to me. I'd be glad if you could elaborate on the following things. You claim the 20% Added dmg from the ally isn't actually 20%. This doesn't make sense to me in any capacity as I can do my base dmg times 1.8 (Base 1, .6 mastery, .2 ally) and get the exact number I currently have indicating to me that the ally does indeed give 20%.
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Trove: that's more times you hit KarmaTrove: that's more times you hit Karma

But that's more times you hit Karma. Statistically that means you get a lot more with half the time needed. Considering how grindy the game is with Patron even now without it is a hindrance. This wouldn't be a problem if the normal rate you get things at wasn't so bad. I get they want to prolong the game but grinding isn't always the right path.

Yes statically speaking you are given more chances to progress further. However those are just chances and with random number generation gambling, lets just say PR of the gem (Ignoring stats and the quality of the stats for the time being) that rare karma proc almost still means little to nothing no matter how many karma's one may get. Though as you pointed out its more about how in such a small table they crammed in numerous variables to Buy Trove Flux screw over the chances of one getting what they want, at the minimal effort put in. Which at the end patron does not create a huge discrepancy in progression without.

However that being said I did not take into account the upgrading gem part from the extra cubits for gem booster boxes....which then yes that is somewhat broken for patron and non patron's.

Also it affects gem dust as higher tiered gems (Aka rare proc) will decon into more. And more cubits means more boosters. The chaos chests aren't my main problem with this it's mostly just the gems.

Oh, well in that case there is now no longer a single reason to kill the dragon anymore past unlocking. Still through, these patches we have gotten more and more ways to get flux and less to spend it on so of course prices will rise by the Trove Flux for sale. Honestly I am a bit shocked it took this long to get the price to where it is at now.

I would like to point out this is missinformation, the old essences/eggfragment decon to 100 glim (possibly to get rid of them), the new egg fragments decon to 500 flux! and have diffrent drop rates than before
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