Simply due to itemization and kill worth in Albion

I am glad that even fights are being considered. I do wonder though if the exploitation would work in the way you are suggesting simply due to itemization and kill worth.

For example, if two players are hitting each other every 5 second (with anything worth killing and looting that player for) then they will mass up considerable damage in the time it would take to move anywhere on the map and or collect Albio Online Silver on the map.If the players are naked hitting each other then they are not "risking" anything worth value and therefore are not a kill target anyways.

Even an auto attack every 5 seconds exchanged will leave 2 players dead or near death while crossing half of the map with their current size and also make gathering high tier resources virtually impossible due to interruption of gathering on damage.Or another alternative could be to drop the timer to 3 seconds, slightly longer than a basic skill gcd.So yes they can exploit it and be somewhat safe taking minimal damage in the zone but for what cause?

Also you cannot zone out while in combat so if one player / pker were to follow two player hitting each other all the way to a map exit then he has two easy kills targets to pick from waiting for him/her at the border when one of them drops their "agro" or one will be forced to kill the other to avoid albion online gold shop both being pked.I do not see any benefits from this type of exploiting, nothing to be gained.Also the arena is a good concept, especially with a dedicated balance team in place and an elo ladder system, but again this narrows the possible builds down to a very narrow field and leaves the gatherers to be piled in red/black zones without a hope of escape.

With the constant pvp that would be going on in these areas + the current item trashing system i think these areas would be a HUGE silver sink to add to the game and fun for many players who want to constantly pvp without roaming around for hours in between fights.

Think a player will go out albion online gold market, fight and win or die trashing about 50% of the dead players gear. If they re-gear, buy more consumables (food + potions) and come straight back for a re-match or find another fight straight away thats 2 sets trashed and so on and so forth. Reducing the time between fights, the repair costs, consumables used, ect. this would stimulate the crafting economy by a huge margin.

I hope what i am explaining makes sense and is written clearly.

Thanks.I wanted to make an edit because there is always room for an unknown, if you are all thinking of an exploit with this system that i have not covered here i would love to talk about your ideas and delve into a way to make it work.Help me help you.
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Albion Online: Stopped playing due to simply getting bored

Progressing from my T5.2 gear to T6, T7, ... it's just not worth the invested time, it feels bland. All I do is albion online silver farming dungeons, gather resources and sometimes run around with a few guild members for PvP (Which can be fun, but most of the time only with an objective in mind, like a treasure chest).

With such a small guild we don't even go near the black zones where 500+ member alliances battle it out for fun.For now I'm just on the forums and have an eye on the game updates to see if anything catches my interest. Though maybe I'll pick up Ultima Online or another RPG again, they just felt more unique and meaningful in character progression.

It would be different if this game had any fluff or RP / Casual type content like UO did.Right now they're focusing on core gameplay mechanics and balance, which is important, but this close to release I hope they do have some sort of other content in mind outside of kill-gather-craft.Add more content to the towns. add inns with mini-games, gambling. give player towns a designated arena area where you can orchestrate something larger than 1v1 duels and let people bet on fights.

It would be cool if they added things like player ships too, instead of this fast travel with boats actually get on a boat and travel. Add fishing, sea monsters, and pirates in dangerous zones (player and npc).Add a branch of the destiny board for more "fluff" like skills and emotes. Foraging, Camping, Musicianship, Dancing, stuff that would be fun and possibly provide very minor Albion Online Gold for use, but nothing that would hurt balance.

Lots of stuff they could add to make the game feel more like a full blown online world, the question is will they have time, resources, or desire to add them with launch being so close.
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Resources are scarce in Albion

Not so much the case when resources are scarce. Toppled with the fact that resources will always be worth more than the crafted items on the market because there's a much higher demand for them. In fact what Mad_Miranda says is more so true, because the casual gatherers or crafters will be bored when they cannot gather materials due to scarcity or craft items because they can't make any money.

What if i told you i am a casual? once in a blue moon i play for 6 hours straight but normally i only log in to look at the AH and care for my albion online silver farming.My point is: There is not a lot to do for a player with only a handful of hours a week, and the only reason i still login is to help my guild with food.SI has a huge challenge in front of them, the idea of a NEW elitist game with player based economy is a really hard one to implement and i wish them luck.

So you don't want to travel and want more LP and want to be equal to players that play longer and you don't want them to keep balancing stuff and then the game is boring after T5. I'm not going to even say it... Devs there you go keep changing for the want it easy crowd and in the end you will get his complaint from many.

Between caring for your farm and some gathering sessions, a real casual player would be already spend a couple of hours of diversified content (not mentioning the time marketplace can suck if you are interested in it), as the game progressed they will launch other activities and expand what can be already done to the new levels. There is definitively a decent time sink for true casual players to start with especially if they are new to Buy Albion Online Silver for the game once it launches. Not just talking about players who already have been playing alphas and betas and know a lot of the game, people who have been backed the game since alpha are not really casuals, even if they play 1 hour a day. The casual players I'm talking about are those who probably have been aware of the game in the last few months or that will even start on release for the first time looking at the app store highlights, and therefore between the time to learn, and the actually time available, they won't be that far into the game even after months, and likely they will never ever reach T8 or truly care to get that far.

I'm not saying SI needs to cater those people specifically with full attention, I mean there should be a place in the world for them and give the opportunity to enjoy the experience, while the more hardcore pvpers will pvp all day. It's a balance that SI needs to work on if they want to expand their playerbase and the imposed mobile limitations in a fruitful way, beyond supporting mobile devices just for the sake of it.
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