POE: offers some nice rewards and different content

I personally love the Labyrinth it is one of the reasons I was able to get into Path of Exile! The labyrinth offers a fun and challenging experience that isn't just a blatant monster grind giving the game some actual versatility! There maybe a lot of vocal players who despise alternative content, but I for one enjoy it!

I look at the lab as I_NO does (First time agreeing with I_NO? Perhaps): I don't really like it and find it rather boring, but it offers some nice rewards and different content, so I can't complain too much. All in all, I see it as a too small part of the game to raise havoc about it. ~30 minutes to ascend all of your characters? Some have spent 40 times more time to whine about it in the forums.

Funny thing is the people actually getting the fame are the ones that are innovating builds or climbing to 100 first. Rarely (more like never) when I turn on Twitch am I gonna see a top stream "Now doing Labs." GGG needs to realize that first. But yeah, like I've said before, I don't really care for Lab through the POE ORBS For Sell, I'll do the Ascendancy things and if I find cheap enough enchants like I did in Perandus after the Two-Week Race, then I'm just gonna buy them to bypass it.

I will say that the 4th Lab could be interesting if it is sustainable to farm or worth farming. A big gripe in the other Labs was that it was Dried Lake ilvl so who gives a shit about any of the drops from there at all?

It can go either way for me. If the layout is shitty then I'll not run it for a few days but if I can do it quickly with few doors to open then I will sometimes run it up to 20 times in a day. Love and hate are too strong of words for it. I like it or I am getting annoyed by it. It's usually one of those 2 things.

Nobody loves labyrinth,except some standard scrubs and few whiteknights(prolly they dont like it either but they're just defending it).It's just necesary evil to get ac points(you usually pay someone few chaos to rush you thorugh all labs),who the fuck would play it if ac points arent gated behing it.Bigest ggg mistake ever,but they're too proud to admit it(same as pvp,anybody doin pvp these days lol,chris said that pvp was big sucess lol).

I don't really mind the lab, it's a good payoff for the huge boost you can get through ascendancies and the right enchantments. You can play the game just fine without those things, if you want the good stuff you have to work for it. That's life.

I especially like Izaro's design. You can choose to play safe to get the basic rewards, or take more risk for some additional loot. Hitting that currency treasure is always a good feeling, and the rewards of those chests will just potentially get better in map lab.

Can't say that I love it, but I sure do love the challenge. No real faceroll bossfights (I mean, you could with overleveling, sure, but beware on the third Izaro fight due all the unbuffing you didn't do), and having to look after both mobs AND traps gives an edge of pressure which distinguishes this dungeon from others.

Sure, I hate doing the trials each time I get into the next difficulty, I find it dissapointing when I don't find Argus, and I always have to overlevel a bit because my main character is melee; but what about how rewarding is it? Small nodes from the ascendancy tree are like big nodes from the regular one with the Cheap Path of Exile ORBS, and big nodes are almost keystones (Except, well, if you're playing Scion), yet, somehow, they're just add-ons to your regular build- the real deal is still in the regular skilltree.

To be honest, I can't say GGG made it wrong with the labirynth and the whole ascendancy stuff. When I was a boy, I was almost 24/7 at Ragnarok Online, and I can't stress how disappointing that game has turned: The whole "Improve your class again, and again, and again" thingy was already outdated when games with the "pick a class, then a subclass" system felt much more rewarding and improved diversity better, and then they sh**ted the whole game in order to implement third classes. Before that, you could still have fun with a not-even rebirth second class, but then having any class before third just felt pointless; GGG didn't fall on this, so, as I said, I can't say that I dislike it.
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Trove: Do you know what is meant by the term 'leeching'

I understand your frustration completely but also understand where the leecher is coming from. this leeching topic has been discussed in many threads. personally I feel if the leeching bothers you that much you can always go to your club world go thru your stuff and return to the world and go about your business and there will most likely be different people there ( I'm not trying to be prick when I say that, its just that the ability to come and go from worlds is at your disposal, you should use it to your advantage when ever possible).

It keeps being asked what the difference between being solo and having a leech there. Normally, I'd say nothing, however as of late having people near by seems to make the lag worse. There could be three of us in the entire world and if even one other person is near, I seem to have more issues. Now this may be entirely on my end, but it does drastically effect me and my play time.

That sounds more like an issue with the game itself rather than people leeching though. I mean from what you describe it as to Buy Trove Flux, then even if people are helping it happens regardless so it's not really a leeching issue. It's just the game being laggy. Or you being laggy, anyways.

Agreed, happens to me like everyday when i am farming on every ubers, there must be a gank or somebody who follows me and stay outside waiting for the loot, making me finally hold my "H" button and change uber to the drowned waterworld, cursed skylands or even the igneous islands. (though sometimes there are still some leechers there too.)

I do 'have to' leech sometimes, because of chunk loading lag and all of that. However, people understands that because they see me trying to fight with them, thus they even invite me when they saw me left behind. That's leeching with permission, different from leeching like an....My point is, you can't take the money that you didn't work for, even if the one who did work, get the SAME amount of money. It's their work, if you are trying to say "it changes nothing for the worker". Sure, in some cases, BUTT, it does matter to the ones who did the working. Why would they work when they can leech? Why would all the players leech each other, until no one is doing anything?

How ever what really annoys me, is when one or two people are struggling to clear the dungeon and twenty people just sit on the roof in challenges. Though because of how challenges are badly designed that nurture this type of behavior, it's not surprising. It's almost like Trion encourages people to leech and be lazy. But if there's a case where the dungeons aren't being one shot or cleared considerably quickly and you're just sitting there on your mount. That's a big 'screw you I'm lazy' to every player that does the work.

I main GS, that being said... My class does AOE damage and unless your a REV or CB that groups enemies I don't need you in there... Additional persons in the room only scatter the enemy and lessen the efficiency of my class gem. I don't care if you leech because trove has been so laggy I might need to be revived (worst case scenario) This is just my opinion, I'm not saying anyone is wrong... If you see my tombstone please resurrect...

Do you know what is meant by the term 'leeching'? It means that someone is taking something away from you in general. Now, if there's like 3-5 people following me while I solo a dungeon, honestly I couldn't care less, because the only time I actually farm a world is when I have enough damage to buy trove flux online. If someone feels like helping, cool, if not that's fine too. Someone who can't solo it and is coming by for the xp or the loot isn't affecting me at all as long as it's not a massive group literally flying around and causing me lag. If that happens, I break away from the group and fly solo again. The only time leeching is bad, is when it prevents me from playing due to lag, or obtaining loot while farming gem boxes. Aside from that I couldn't care less.
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Trove: events should be be more accessible

Could we have dde shards event occasionally like freebie friday or what ever friday lel for a 1 day.When u complete it u get 50 dde shards but the event only last 1 day this is very good as it could seriously helped u tons.

Translation: I haven't got all the eggs, but want an event to help me get the rest easier but limited enough so I can still feel superior to those who may not have as free of a schedule.

I'm willing to bet that if you actually had all of the primoridals, you'd be completely against an event. Events should be be more accessible, stuff like super saturday isn't bad because it's just a bonus and you can do everything else regularly. Stuff like dragonite should not be as exclusive because so much power comes from them and to buy trove items. Plus if they made a quest for the day, the servers would be even worse than they already are.

I was trying to say this earlier but I was on phone and I can't reply to anything on it but yeah. Exactly how I feel about this post "I want a Diamond Dragon but I don't want others to get it as well so I feel like I'm superior since not everyone can play for 9 hours a day(I can manage that but still stupid idea).

I think you're missing the point. Super Saturday/Freebie Friday was just a day for grinding with bonus boxes you got for free. Your suggestion would require people to be on for hours and most people don't have that time. It needs to be at least a week, one day is way too short.

But see it wouldn't be more achievable with only one day to earn the shards. They referenced both Super Saturday and Freebie Friday can buy the Trove Flux because they lasted only a day but I mentioned how they were different.

Well. The only way to get a DDE was to open it in an emp gem box with a drop rate super low. Like many (every?) other aspect of the game, it's : "I can still feel superior to those who may not have hundreds of dollars to spend".

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